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Johan Wagenaar (b. 1952) studied at Utrecht School of the Arts and completed internships in Italy and the USA, to which he has regularly returned to show his work and take part in projects. His art has been exhibited at international venues, among them the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Goethe Institut in Washington, APC Galerie in Cologne, Kunst’99 in Zurich, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum in Thailand and Arte Laguna San Erasmo in Italy.

However, Wagenaar has chosen to realize his art largely outside art institutions. He works on his projects with a range of artists, scientists, local authorities and institutions, as well as with artist Marie van Leeuwen under the name Van Kampen, and with Experinet, a Swiss innovation platform in Cologne.

In 1995 he set up het Instituut, a foundation that brings together artists, designers, philosophers and poets to harness their artistic qualities in tackling social and cultural spatial issues. Teaching constitutes an important part of his practice. Wagenaar taught at the Artez School of the Arts for 30 years and has also taught at Utrecht School of the Arts and at the University of Georgia in the US.

His work has won various prizes and grants from, among others, the Municipality of Utrecht, the Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernardfonds, Holland Prize for Public Space and the Goethe Institut in Washington.
Johan Wagenaar
(photo by Maarten van Schaik)

©Johan Wagenaar